Jaume A. Sabater Malondra's curriculum vitae

Personal information
Jaume Andreu Sabater Malondra
C/. Joan Alcover, 164 - 2ºA
07300 - Inca, Majorca
Balearic Islands, Spain
Date of birth: Palma, 18th February 1976.
Nationality: Spanish.
Marital status: single. Military service done.
Driving licenses: B1 (cars), A2 (motorbikes).
Web site: linuxsilo.net
Phone number: +34 609 906 three seven one
Jaume Sabater's portrait
2003 Technical Business Engineer (Computer Science Engineering).
1999 Computer Systems Administration Advanced Engineer.
1997 Official Language Teaching Third degree English Course (Escola Oficial d'Idiomes in Palma of Majorca).
1995 Pre-university course plus University entrance examination.
2007 Post-degree course University specialist in business management for non-economists.
Taught by: F.U.E.I.B - U.I.B.
Centre: Campus of the U.I.B.
2003 Technical Business Computer Science (Computer Science Engineering) at the University of Balearic Islands (Universitat de les Illes Balears - UIB).
Centre: Campus of the U.I.B.
2002 Post-degree course "Creation of multimedia applications, dynamic web sites, CD-ROMs and DVDs in educational and investigation context".
Taught by: F.U.E.I.B - U.I.B. - PALMA
Centre: Laboratory of Multimedia Technologies at Universitat de les Illes Balears.
1997/99 High degree at Computer Systems Technical College (Administration of Computer Systems class).
Centre: Sant Josep Obrer.
1994/95 Pre-university course plus University entrance examination.
Centre: Lluís Vives.
German 1995/97 German winter course.
Centre: Institut Lul.lià.
English 1990/95 Winter and Summer English course.
Centre: Academia Berlitz Highschool.
  1993 Summer School English Course in Southampton (42 days).
Native Catalan.
Native Spanish.
Knowledge for job
Programming languages Recent: Java, PHP, Perl, Javascript, HTML, XHTML and XML.
Past: C, C++, Borland C++ Builder and Delphi.
Databases Recent: DBMS PostgreSQL, MySQL and Firebird, and the ORM JPOX.
Past: Oracle.
Operating Systems Recent: Debian GNU/Linux and Microsoft 2000/XP. Xen Hypervisor. Samba as domain server with Windows 2000/XP clients in a mixed setup with Linux and Windows clients and Linux servers.
Pasados: MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.11/95/98/ME/NT, RedHat Linux and Apple MacOS X.
Employment to date
Since November 2007 Project manager at Runsolutions S.L., a company offering services related to system administration that works exclusively with free software and open source. Regarding systems, developing solutions with Asterisk PBX, email servers with Postfix and Cyrus IMAP, and the messaging and collaboration suite Zimbra. Regarding software development, web and desktop applications based on Python (upon the MVC architecture with the Pylons framework in case of web and with Qt in case of desktop).
February 2004 - October 2007 System administrator and web developer at Recar Travelsoft Development S.L., installing and maintaining servers with Linux and Internet services and Windows and Linux clients.
Since February 2006 and until October 2007 he managed a team of developers working on the open source project OpenTravelSoft, an online travel services selling platform made upon the MVC architecture on Debian GNU/Linux (using, among others, technologies such as Java, JPOX, PostgreSQL, XHTML, XML, AJAX, WebWork, Freemarker y Xwork). At present time it is being used at the website of Recar Touristic S.L.
July 2003 - January 2004 System administrator and web developer at Mallorca Sistemes Tecnologia i Innovació (M.S.T.I.) S.L., working with Debian Linux, Oracle, Apache, Php, the Xoops CMS and Rules Engine technology.
June 2001 - February 2004 Developed and set the website of the association Balearikus Party using Php and Firebird. It's a project created under the terms of the GPL and its source code is available to the public. He was its webmaster and system administrator (the server runs under Debian GNU/Linux).
Academic course 2001/02 Teacher of subjects Introduction to Operating Systems, Multimedia & Internet Development and Web Site Management at Edexcel's BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council) center in Palma of Majorca, where HND (Higher National Diploma) in Business Information Technology is coursed.
October 2001 - June 2003 Secretary of the Balearikus Party Association.
June 2001 - January 2004 System Administrator as freelancer on several internet servers using GNU/Debian Linux, RedHat Linux and Suse Linux, including the following services: dns, dhcp, email, web, telnet/ssh, instant messaging, ftp, audio streaming, most of them over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Dynamic web sites programmer using open source technologies on Linux platform.
September 2000 - June 2001 Project Head and Department Manager at Connect Business Services España S.L., where joined as analyst.

Analysis and management of a number of projects to develop Internet portals, web sites and e-commerce using Open Source technologies (Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL e InterBase).

Analysis and development of enterprise management applications with Borland Delphi and Borland InterBase for medium and small business.

Analysis and design of corporative Intranet and  management system of digital office for the company, both for English and Spanish offices.
September 1999 - September 2000 Analyst/programmer at Globalia Sistemas S.L.

Analysiss, graphical design (graphic user interfaces) and HTML and Javascript development upon Oracle in electronic commerce project "TalonAIR electrónico 2000" (business and private oriented sales and self-administration of flight checkbooks and reservation managing through internet and telephone without using traditional tickets) for Marketing and Call-center departments.

Analysis, graphical design (graphic user interfaces - GUI) and Borland Delphi and PL/SQL development upon Oracle 8 in following projects:
  • Billing and Settlement Plan for Revenue Accounting department.
  • General management oriented Yield Management System (budget control and traking) for Air-control, Marketing and Financial departments.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) report applied to a application development department to try to minimize formation and adaptation to applications costs so that more efficient user work can be reached.
January 1999 - September 1999 Senior programmer at Comunicacions Insulars S.L..

Analysis and development using Borland C++ Builder of applications for web sites maintenance automation and its backup and dynamic generation from databases.
Application of graphical design into applications (GUI design).
Projects developed (based upon above explanations):
  • Catàleg de serveis del Consell de Mallorca, for the Conselleria de Presidència del Consell de Mallorca.
  • Calvià web site, for the Calvià Council (inside "Calvià 2000" campaign).
  • "Breus a l'Institut" magazine web site, for the "Conselleria d'Educació i Esports del Govern Balear".
1998-1999 academic course Computer systems teacher at Sant Josep Obrer centre.

Held seminary on Borland technologies applied to databases and SQL/DSQL (6 hours).
1997/1998 HTML and Java/Javascript programmer, network administrator, webmaster, web pages designer and graphic art at Mallorca Amiga.
1997/1998 Freedows '98 and HTML pages translation into Catalan project coordinator.
June - October 1997 Administrative assistant and recepcionist at Gavimar Hotels S.A.
July - August 1992 Administrative assistant at architect Vidal Arcas' office.
Recar Travelsoft Development S.L. Mr. Sascha Simon
Managing Director
Recar Travelsoft Development S.L.
Parc Bit, Edificio 17, Local A1
Ctra. Valldemossa, km. 7,4
07121 - Palma, Mallorca
Islas Baleares
Globalia Sistemas S.L. Mr. Ramon March Ballesteros.
Head of projects.
Research and development departament.
Globalia Sistemas y Comunicaciones S.L.
Globalia Corporación Empresarial.
Ctra. Arenal-Llucmajor, km 21,5.
Polígono de Son Noguera, s/n.
Edificio Globalia Corporación.
07620 - Llucmajor.
Majorca - Balearic Islands
E-mail: .
Tel.: +34.971.178.198.
Fax: +34.971.178.276.
Connect Support Services Ltd. Mr. Adam Afriyie.
Managing Director.
Connect Support Services Ltd.
South Quay Plaza II.
183 Marsh Wall.
London, E14 9SH.
E-mail: .
Tel.: +44.207.517.2994.
Fax: +44.207.517.2099.
Comunicacions Insulars S.L. Mr. Joan Josep Díez Moyà
Secretary General.
Confederació PIME Balears.
Camí de Ca'n Manuel, s/n.
Parc Bit
07120 - Son Espanyol.
Majorca - Balearic Islands
E-mail: .
Tel.: +34.971.435.151.
Fax: +34.971.435.152.
Escola d'Estudis Superiors d'Informàtica i Disseny Mr. D. Toni Serna Rosselló
Director of Studies.
Escola d'Estudis Superiors d'Informàtica i Disseny.
C/. Via Portugal, 1A.
07012 - Palma.
Majorca - Balearic Islands.
E-mail: .
Tel.: +34.971.208.653.
Published articles
Servidor de correo con Postfix, Cyrus y MySQL administrado desde OpenMailAdmin, in Spanish.
Open-Xchange: una suite de trabajo en equipo, in Spanish.
Virtualización con Xen en Debian Etch con kernel a medida para 32 y 64 bits, in Spanish.
VPN con KAME IPsec y kernel 2.6, in Spanish.
Configuración de un completo servidor de correo seguro con Postfix y Cyrus, in Spanish.
El sistema de nombres de dominio: Bind 9.2.1, in Spanish.
Autoconfiguración del acceso a la red (mapping eth0), in Spanish.
Currently affiliated Mountaineering and climbing.
Previously affiliated Fencing, football, karate, basket, volleyball, hockey, sailing, swimming, tennis.
Other interests
Mountaineering, cinema, theatre, music, hiking, opera and computing.