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Tsotha-Lanti's story

Tsotha-Lanti is the main character I play in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He's a Nabooian human male, born in Keren, formerly a Jedi padawan but lately a politician turned into squad leader due to the galactic civil war. He currently belongs to the Kingdom of Honour guild in the Chimaera Galaxy. There he holds the position of roleplay correspondant, since it is affiliated to the Chimaera Roleplayers Association, but the guild is mainly focused in player versus player combat.

Tsotha-Lanti's portrait Name: Tsotha-Lanti
Age: 35
Race: Human male
Homeworld: Naboo
Marital Status: Single
Family: Tomoe-Lanti (father), Gitara Agak (mother) and Khemsa-Lanti (sister)

Background and Objectives: For over three centuries his family served the Republic. Countless senators have used his surname. For centuries his family has sacrificed itself for the welfare of the state and the society. He has served well and loyally, and for that reason the citizens of his city are loyal to his cause. Since the begining of the Empire, his family has tried to stop its evil behaviour and to make the Emperor spread welfare among his people. Even now, he is not willing to turn against the Galactic government that his family helped to establish so many years ago.

But he has no alternative. The Empire has turned into a tyranny. His native planet is occupied by stormtroopers. If this civilization has to be saved, he has to act now. His family will provide leadership to the Rebellion, as it was given to the Republic before. He wishes to see the old days back and fights for it.

Intelligent, self-confident and energetic. He is more interested in making things happen than in how they happen. Sometimes, people are impressed because of his surname, and he is proud of it; although he does not consider himself better than others. Great men and women come from all social classes and can contribute to the Rebel Alliance.

Tsotha-Lanti Agak was born in Keren, Naboo, 35 years before the battle of Yavin. Since he was a boy, he proved to be unnaturally skilled, being able to see events before they happened and respond to them in kind. That raised the attention of his father, a well known chemist with a past on the academic world of Mrlsst, who discovered his Force potential through a blood screening on his own, and it was he who contacted a good friend of him in the Jedi Order, the Jedi Knight Kelm Diboo, natural from Naboo as well, with hopes that his son would find greatness serving the Republic. He run the tests again and found a high concentration of midiclorians in Tsotha's blood (Tsotha's reflexes were actually the product of force-intuition), so he asked Tomoe-Lanti to let him take his son to Coruscant.

Tsotha was accepted as Diboo's padawan and his training began. For ten years he proved to be a very good apprentice and closely followed Diboo's teachings. Among other abilities, he learnt how to craft and use a lightsabre, both one-handed and two-handed, and many of the force powers his master was able to control. At the age of eleven, the war between the Old Republic and the Separatists of the Trade Federation (formerly known as the Clone Wars) started and for three years he followed his master across the galaxy duty after duty. Luckily, when Order 66 was given they were both travelling alone in hyperspace in their Jedi starfighters. By the time they left hyperspace Master Yoda and Master Kenobi had already been able to change the signal sent by the emergency beacon contained within the Jedi Temple, so they escaped to the trap and Diboo decided to go into exile to the planet Myrkr. Diboo had been there a few weeks before and had not yet have the time to inform the Jedi Council about the Ysalamiri, so he thought it would be a very appropriate hideout to cover his presence.

Kelm Diboo and Tsotha-Lanti stayed hidden in that planet for one more year, until Tsotha was sixteen. They lived in a cave inside a mountain and fed themselves hunting animals and harvesting plants and herbs. Diboo accelerated Tsotha's apprenticeship and taught all he could to his padawan, as he for certain knew they would not be able to remain hidden forever. Tsotha learnt many cloaking abilities, as his master thought they would definitely be very useful given the situation, and the path to immortality through the secret of the Ancient Order of the Whills. One night, Diboo forsaw his end while sleeping, and rushed his padawan to travel by foot to the closest city by inventing a foolish reason to do with a medicine. He cleaned up any track of Tsotha in the cave and awaited for his destiny, which he met in the hands of two dark force wielders under command of Lord Darth Vader. They did not find any reason to think there was someone else inhabiting that cave, so they left the place after detonating a few thermal detonators that destroyed the place almost completely.

When Tsotha came back, he realised what his master had done for him. Feeling very sad and lonely, scared by the prosecution the Jedi were suffering, having an unfinished training, and holding no hope of finding any other living Jedi, he decided to go back home and travelled on regular transports from planet to planet, dressed in normal clothing and pretending to be a normal human being. Diboo never told Tsotha his training was already complete and, if things had been different, he would have soon applied for the knight trials in front of the Jedi Council. Unfortunately, Tsotha always had the impression that he was not ready yet and left the place with that feeling. Diboo, knowing this, decided not to commune with Tsotha, and left him alone for now.

Back to Naboo, his family was very happy to see him again, as they thought that would never ever happen. They took him once again and protected him. After some weeks of meditation and after discussing it with his parents, he thought it would be best to forgot about his Jedi skills and act as a normal person, awaiting for things to happen and for him to decide which path would be best for him to take. So he decided to hide his powers and followed his father's advice to concentrate on something different: he studied chemistry at the University of Keren, were he achieved a Bachelor's degree, but turned to Political Science, where he proved to be his father's son by showing a very good performance in diplomacy. After that, he went for Masters of Business Administration. Since the day he buried his padawan robes, his master's robes and both lightsabres beneath a force shrine on Dantooine, the only force power he used was cloaking, so that no other force user could ever sense his presence. And time proved that he did very well.

After his studies, he stood as deputy mayor of Keren for two years. During that period he met Ceearem thanks to his mother, Gitara. Ceearem was a well known merchant and politician in Naboo that had been doing business with Gitara's company, the Agak Space Research and Mining Corporation, for some time.

After that period he became his father's assistant in the Galactic Senate until Emperor Palpatine dissolved it. He thought it was the best way to do something against the new Empire. There he met a lot of people and made friends and enemies, and he also met his girlfriend, Céline Cessé. Tsotha was sympathetic to the recently created Rebel Alliance, as his father was, and it turned out that Céline was a former member of it. A few days after the Senate was dissolved, she was discovered and had to escape. Tsotha knew he would be accused of helping the rebels, so he escaped to Dantooine. His father came back to Naboo.

While staying on Dantooine, he hided among a small colony of miners, helping out with administrative tasks. Once he proved his value as administrator, he was requested to take that position, which he held for some months. During that time he met King Makavelee a'Jamais of the Kingdom of Honour and some time later he became a member of his personal guard and left the miners colony. There he learnt to fight using rifles, carbines, pistols and melee weapons, and proved to be a very much valuable squad leader, becoming Captain of the honour guard after a year.

Service history: Colonel Céline Cessé contacted Tsotha-Lanti a few months before the destruction of the Death Star at the battle of Yavin. They had a meeting in Moenia, Naboo, where Cessé requested Lanti to join the Rebel Alliance Navy. He accepted and, after his training was complete, he was assigned the duty to set up a small, secret commando unit that would conduct high-risk, small scale strikes on Imperial Forces. This special operations unit would only receive orders from Col. Cessé, and it would only be known by Senator Bail Organa, Col. Cessé and her assistant, Captain Nonnah. Tsotha was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The commando unit was trained for several months before it began to operate.

All members of this commando unit, codename Fallen Rogues, were selected among trusted officers and soldiers of the Rebel Alliance and outside it, personally selected by Lt. Col. Tsotha-Lanti. To keep the secrecy of this commando unit to the maximum, the death of their members were feign by leaking to the Empire information about rebel officers being transported. That transport was only driven by droids when it was attacked and destroyed.

Once they where declared killed in action, the strike team was assigned some duties, from which stands out the assassination of the imperial colonel Kendal Veers, Maximilian Veers's brother. Its last mission was to watch over the Imperial Prison in Dathomir. While waiting for further instructions, contact with Col. Cessé was lost and its base camp was assaulted by stormtroopers. The commando unit had to retreat and three of its members where killed.

Following his instinct, Lt. Col. Lanti did not follow the established protocol for the given situation but sent their team back to a safe location, which only he was aware of. After some investigations, he found out that Col. Cessé had been betrayed by Cap. Nonnah and released to the Imperials. They probably tortured her to find the location of the team. Noone knows how much information they managed to extract from her. Cessé's status was set to missing in action.

Perhaps if he had used his intuition and the force he would have been aware of the trap that had been set, but he did not and found himself in front of a court martial, accused of sedition, murder and treason. He was not able to gather enough evidences to prove Noona's fault, but helped by Captain Val-tane Ricaud and the Daggerwolves Special Forces Company, he survived the trial, with only a demotion to the rank of corporal. He kept on trying to find Cessé, but with no luck. Noona's job had been very precise and he even begun to think he was a dark force user hidden under the rank of Captain. So, some time later he decided to leave the Alliance and came back to the Kingdom of Honour, where he holds nowadays the title of Guard to the Throne. He also runs the Honour Intelligence Agency, which he uses to attempt to track Cessé's situation, still holding up hope to find her some day.

A phrase: Ok, here's the plan...

Skills & Knowledge: Politics, squad leading, ranged combat and chemical warfare. He's a natural leader and has learnt many military tactics, including decent ranged combat skills and bio-logical warfare. He's good at combat, but not exceptional.

"Vengeance is not the point, change is. But the trouble is that in most people's minds the thought of victory and the thought of punishing the enemy coincide."

Khemsa-Lanti's story

Khemsa-Lanti is Tsotha's sister, my second char. She was born and grew up in Keren, Naboo, too. Although she was taught the same way her brother was, she is not the politician Tsotha is, but she loves action and risk above all. She teams up seamless with her brother because she usually fits the gaps in Tsotha's abilities and vice-versa. Member of the Storm Squadron of the Imperial Navy with the rank of Lieutenant, she is a rebel spy inside the Empire, willing to reach the highest possible position so that she can help the Rebel Alliance as much as possible, but her career as spy has just begun. She is as well dedicated to science and engineering, although her studies in space technology and shipwrighting are not complete yet.

Khemsa-Lanti's portrait Name: Khemsa-Lanti
Age: 32
Race: Human female
Homeworld: Naboo
Marital Status: Single
Family: Tomoe-Lanti (father), Gitara Agak (mother) and Tsotha-Lanti (brother)

Background and Objectives: Khemsa-Lanti Agak was Tomoe-Lanti's and Gitara's second child and was born almost three years after Tsotha (32 years before the battle of Yavin). Since she was a young girl, she showed to be a very active person and skilled for mathematics and music. She always showed closer to her mother while Tsotha did to his father. She became a clever, self-confident, risk-lover and beautiful woman that went to the university to study Engineering, where she learnt spaceframe engineering, thrust dynamics, ion drives and hyperdrives, devices assembly and armaments.

After finishing, and disobeying her parents' advice, she joined the Storm Squadron of the Imperial Navy, where she proved to be an outstanding pilot and learnt some basic ground combat skills too. Soon she realized of the mistake she had done, but after talking with her brother, she decided to stay inside the Empire and work from the inside to help the Rebellion. Only her brother and her parents know the truth.

After her initial period in the Imperial Navy ended, she signed up again as a specialist pilot, and chose the Imperial base on Lok as destination. Since her services are only requested when specific missions are to be done, from that lonely and forgotten planet she can operate in freedom.

Just before signing up again, and to help out grow her cover, she took care of the family business, the Agak Space Research and Mining Corporation, where she stands the position of Chief Executive Officer. Next to her mother, she tries to expand the business while using it to cover her journeys all around the galaxy, always looking for suppliers, transporters and distributors.

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A crashed Corellian Corvette from the Secrets of the Syren quest



Yavin 4

B-Wing "Fireblade" "Cresh-1"

YKL-37R Nova Courier "Event Horizon"

Sorosub Luxury Yacht "Ambassador"

Eta-2 Actis Interceptor "Jedi Starfighter"

ARC-170 Aggressive ReConnaissance Starfighter "(not yet named)"

X-Wing with cross-body strakes "Cresh-1"

Belbulla B-22

TIE Bomber and Imperial Star Destroyer

Jedi Padawan
I unlocked my second char by becoming a padawan and gave the lightsabre a try with Quijar Haderak.

Padawan trails
And here you are four of the force shrines I visited during my padawan trials







Tsotha-Lanti in R.I.S. (Reinforced Insulated Sheath) armour

Khemsa-Lanti wearing a Nightsister Melee Armguard

Tsotha-Lanti in doctor clothing